As an artist you will need promotional material at some time. Photo’s of your work, yourself or of an exhibition, texts for a catalogue, business cards and invitations or postcards.

For everything around the promotion of your work and yourself as an artist, I am your (wo)man.

  1. photo’s artwork

  2. photo-portrait for website/catalogue

  3. photo-documentary exhibition/opening

  4. text editing, NL and EN

  5. text translations, NL and EN

  6. design business cards a.o.

  7. print processing and handling

Do not hesitate to call or e-mail. We can discuss what and how anything would be possible.

I like to come by to look at work and to see how a portrait or documentary could promote your work and ideas.

A simple photo portrait is possible from € 75.

To photograph an opening/exhibition, from € 50. Photo’s of your work, depends if it is 2D or 3D and the total number of works. I usually agree on a fixed price per work.

Text editing or translations from €0,15 per word. Designing a business card around € 90.

You’ll receive all photo’s digitally and, depending on the price agreement, in a variety of formats; in CMYK for publisher, in size/color suitable for website/social media and in the correct size/color for lab-prints.

Designs you will also receive digitally or if you like I can have them processed for you.

And yes, of course it is also possible to have vintage black and white portraits done, including the ever beautiful barite prints.


professional photography for artists